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Name: Mark Jensen
Age: 21
Residence: Maribo, Denmark
Interests: Programming, Lost (TV Series), Alias (TV Series), soccer and guitar.
Education: Multimedia design (2nd of 4 semesters)
Fan of (soccer): FC Copenhagen, Sevilla FC, Chelsea FC and Fremad Amager.

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I contribute primarily on the Danish Wikipedia, but occasionaly I participate in the writing of, and discussion about, English Lost articles.

Lost theories[edit]

If you are not yet watching Lost season 4, it's not recommend that you read the following. These are my ideas and thoughts about the current mysteries on Lost (none taken from spoiler forums, just thoughts):

  • Ben's "man on the boat" is Michael Dawson
  • Elsa's emplyer is Matthew Abbadon
  • Abbadon was refering to Miles, Daniel, Charlotte and Frank when asking Hurley, if "they" are still alive